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To upcycle means to take something already made and then improve upon it, or turn it into a fresh item. This means that you are not seeking out new, raw materials but repurposing recycled fabrics to remain in circulation rather than heading to the landfill.


These beautiful neckerchiefs are made from the repurposed crepe silk fabric of recycled traditional saris, each one telling their own story, and sourced during travels throughout villages in India. Due to the nature of upcycled and recycled materials, some of the neckerchiefs may come with their own unique beauty marks and variations. No two are the exact same.


Please consider this as part of the nature of upcycling and not a flaw. In an effort to waste less and reuse more, thank you for choosing to shop with a (re)purpose.


Each neckerchief is approximately 25x25 inches per wrap and patterns will vary. If you have any questions, please contact us here.


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