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Fan Powder Brush


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Fan Powder Brush

Blend and finish.


This luxurious brush picks up the perfect amount of powder and blends it seamlessly over your face and body. It is uniquely designed for fast application of finishing powder and precise application of highlighter and bronzer. This brush is made with animal hair-free, high performance taklon bristles.


Designed to be different: Inspired by artist paintbrushes, our brushes are weighted at the bristles to help you apply color in an ergonomic fashion. They also feature an elongated metal ring where the brush head meets the handle to help keep moisture away when washing—and therefore extend the life of your tools. Our brushes are tailored to the size and shape of our cosmetics compacts, and the bristle tips are custom crimped to pick up the ideal amount of product.


For an all over application, dip the brush into powder, tap off any excess, and buff into the skin. For a more precise application, sweep the edge of the brush over the high points or contours of the face.



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