Lavender Sapphire and Enamel Necklace

Bayou with Love

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Brilliant Lavender Sapphire Center Stone and enamel surrounded by .13 total diamond carat weight.


14k recycled rose gold. Designed by Nikki. Nonrefundable. 


The enamel in our new pieces is made with carbon black extracted from soot in the air. The carbon black is mixed to create an ink which is then turned into this enamel. The soot comes from Diesel generators that are retrofitted with a Chakr Shield to capture particulate matter from the exhaust. Through our partnership with Dell, we are able to take that ink and use it in our fine jewelry. 


Air quality is a serious concern. By wearing a BaYou piece made with this ink, you are not only cleaning the air but proving that when technology and creativity combine, the possibilities are endless. 


Dell is currently the only tech company using this ink made from pollution, incorporated for the first time in jewelry with BaYou with Love.