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Cognac Malawi Sapphires + Pink Spinel Sunflower

Bayou with Love

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This magnificent Sunset Sunflower Charm is the perfect everyday piece with a little added sparkle. This charm is sold individually and can be worn as a pendant on a bracelet or necklace from our Inner Artists Charms page and connected with one of our beautiful Connecting Element options. You can also purchase as a pair and add onto our Raina Huggies. We believe versatility is the key to sustainability, and our charms are meant to be worn any way you choose! 


14k recycled yellow gold | 1.85ct of Malawi + Pink Spinel | Designed by Nikki.


All other components must be purchased separately.  Pairs nicely with our Beaded Solar Charm Necklace and The Mini Gal Ring.



Our BaYou with Love jewelry is crafted using recycled gold, including recovered gold from technology and produced in a facility that prioritizes sustainability.  


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