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Gateway of Spirit (Shen Men) Purple Tea - 2 oz Loose

This unique purple bud, old-growth, wild Red Tea captures the flavor and aroma of the anomalous purple buds that grow each Spring. It erupts in a bouquet of fruit and flowers that expands through many steeping, while maintaining the substantial rich liquor of a red tea. This one-of-a-kind tea is one of our most "requested" teas. The uplifting Qi has gained the nickname "dreamtime tea".


We suggest brewing this tea at 195 F/ 90 C, while pouring off the first flash steeping. Subsequent steeping can start at two seconds, adding two seconds with every subsequent steeping. Leaves should just cover the bottom of the brewing vessel or teapot in terms of leaf amount. This large leaf tea can be brewed directly in a tea bowl. Try adding 2-3 grams of leaf to a bowl that fits comfortably in two hands and pouring the hot water directly over the leaves, sipping directly from the bowl once it reaches a desired temperature. This method will yield 3-4 steepings. Enjoy!