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Panacea - Pure Bud Premium Grade Red Tea- 2 oz.


This Autumn harvest pure bud red tea is incredibly flavorful with notes of malty cacao, hazelnut and slight caramel. Invigorating and steady, it is ideal for the morning as the yang energies of the day are rising. The thick, sappy, full-bodied liquor leaves a strong aftertaste and salivation that remains between steepings. The juicy buds are loaded with tannins, giving it a lot of flavor and patience that goes for many steepings. The cousin of Philosopher Stone, with a more complex flavor and aftertaste, this tea hails from the Simao District of Southern Yunnan.


We suggest pouring off the first steeping and brewing subsequent steepings for very short initial infusions. The water is best at 195 F/ 90 C. Enjoy!!



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