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BaYou with Love x Dell Cufflinks made from enamel using ink from captured soot from pollution in the air. Choose between yellow gold, white gold or sterling silver, all made from recycled tech,

Air quality is a serious concern, and in places like India where diesel generators power much of daily life, air pollution poses a serious threat to community health. In Delhi air quality in November 2017 was so bad that it was similar to smoking 50 cigarettes per day. Working with supplier Chakr Innovations in India, Dell is now capturing the soot in the exhaust of those diesel generators and turning it into ink. Dell is currently the only tech company using this ink made from pollution.

BaYou with Love and Dell have now collaborated on a new innovation to turn this same ink into enamel, incorporated for the first time in jewelry with BaYou with Love. The three debut enamel pieces include a Tie Clip, Lapel Pin and Cufflinks made with yellow gold, white gold or sterling silver recycled from tech.