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Fat and the Moon

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Dream Weaver Mist


The Dream Weaver Mist is a blend of a mugwort distillation made from wild mugwort, homemade lavender hydrosol, homemade California Poppy tincture and essential oils of clary sage and sage.


The lavender and sages help temper the vibes of the mugwort, calming us for sleep and allowing for a more gentle dreaming experience. California Poppy is added to curb nightmares.


Mist around your sleeping area before you hit the hay. Sweet Dreams!


Organic Product Ingredients: distilled water* f&m's mugwort hydrosol* f&m's lavender hydrosol* f&m's California poppy tincture* (grape spirits & California poppy)* essential oils of clary sage* & sage* wildcrafted* 1 fl oz


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