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Eucalyptus Bar Necklace

Bayou with Love

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Eucalyptus Bar Necklace, inspired by our love for nature in both design and materials. 


14k recycled yellow gold on a 14 inch chain. 

Our enamel pieces all have carbon black extracted from soot in the air, distilled down into an ink and mixed into the design. The carbon black comes from soot extracted from the air by Diesel generators that are retrofitted with a Chakr Shield to capture particulate matter from the exhaust. Through our partnership with Dell, we are able to take that ink and use it in our fine jewelry. 


Dell is currently the only tech company using this ink made from pollution, incorporated for the first time in jewelry with BaYou with Love.


This BaYou with Love jewelry piece is crafted by hand in our Downtown Los Angeles studio using recycled gold, including recovered gold from technology, extracted sustainably and ethically.


All BaYou with Love fine jewelry should be handled with care. Do not wear in water and please see our FAQ Page for more details. 


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