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Pastel Sunflower Charm

Bayou with Love

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This magnificent Pastel Sunflower Charm is the perfect everyday piece with a little added sparkle. Each charm is unique and no two stones are the exact same in color. This charm is sold individually and can be worn as a pendant on a bracelet or necklace from our  Inner Artists Charms page and connected with one of our beautiful Connecting Element options. You can also purchase as a pair and add onto our Raina Huggies. We believe versatility is the key to sustainability, and our charms are meant to be worn any way you choose! 


Choose between: 

- 1.08 ct of Pink Tourmaline + Cognac Malawi Sapphires (only 1 left)

- 1.07 ct of Blue Sapphires

14k yellow recycled gold | Designed by Nikki


All other components must be purchased separately.


Our BaYou with Love jewelry is crafted using recycled gold, including recovered gold from technology, and produced in a facility that prioritizes sustainability.  


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