Creating Your Own Herbal Powders and Morning Tonics

Aug 2019

Morning rituals are a beautiful opportunity to breathe consciousness into mundane routines and ground you to take on the day ahead. They don’t need to be extravagant or require a cabinet filled of hundreds of dollars of powders and potions but instead can be simple, sustainable practices that are rooted in nature. In fact, it can be done using the beautiful herbs that you may already have growing in your backyard.

Crafting up your own herbal powders for morning tonics, with or without coffee, has become one of my most cherished morning rituals. It begins by making small batches of herbal powders using your favorite dried herbs. Mine happens to be chamomile. It has a slightly sweet but not overly floral taste and blends beautifully with just about anything you add it to. Its properties have been known to reduce inflammation, calm nerves, reduce anxiety, aid in digestion, and aid in relieving menstrual cramps (1).

Simply take one cup of your dried herb of choice, add to a blender or coffee grinder, and blend on high for about 30 seconds or until it makes a fine powder. Feel free to play with dried herbs from your own garden or the ones you’re already buying in bulk. Keeping a small collection in your pantry will allow you to choose the support you’re needing that day, tuning in with your mind and body need each morning.

Blend with your favorite coffee, tea, or homemade nut milk. Add a little hemp seeds, coconut oil, or ghee to add the creaminess factor. Simply warm and enjoy with your morning meditation, journaling, or thoughts – whatever it may be. You can use these powders throughout the day adding to your smoothies, soups, salad dressings, and more! Get curious! Infusing the healing power of plants throughout your day in an accessible, sustainable way for your budget and the Earth.

Caitlin Smith
Greenspark Public Impact Profile