Bridal Classic Collection


What is a cultivated diamond?


Cultivated diamonds display the same chemical and optical properties as mined diamonds. They are grown in a highly controlled environment using solar energy and advanced technological processes that duplicate the conditions under which diamonds naturally develop when they form in the mantle, beneath the Earth’s crust. Cultivated diamonds are grown from the tiny carbon seeds of pre-existing diamonds, allowing us to enjoy real diamonds without the human and environmental toll of mining. These cultivated diamonds consist of actual carbon atoms arranged in the characteristic diamond crystal structure, and are made of the same material as mined diamonds. We are using cultivated diamonds from a facility that has reduced their carbon footprint to zero, by growing their gems with solar power credits.


Please note that we do use mined diamonds as well, and are happy to provide you with that option if it is what you prefer. Our choice to use cultivated diamonds in our Classic Collection is not an attempt to exclude mined diamonds, but instead to include what we believe is a more sustainable option, and the diamonds of the future.

Are the cultivated diamonds GIA certified?

Yes! All of our cultivated diamonds are certified by a GIA gemologist as well as GCAL. In fact, they are graded by GIA gemologists to be among the best 1% of all diamonds in the world. Also, the facility that we use is presently the only producer in the world which has achieved a certification for a zero carbon footprint.

What if I don’t want a cultivated diamond. Do you use mined diamonds as well?

Yes! Please note that we do use mined diamonds as well, and are happy to provide you with that option if it is what you prefer. Our choice to use cultivated diamonds in our Classic Collection is not an attempt to exclude mined diamonds, but instead to include what we believe is a more sustainable option, and the diamonds of the future.

How are cultivated diamonds priced compared to mined diamonds?

All buyers looking to purchase a diamond of a specific size want the best possible quality.  With our cultivated diamonds, you never have to compromise quality (color, clarity, cut) for size (carats). We guarantee that you can buy a cultivated diamond engagement ring from us with higher quality (color, clarity, and cut) that is priced equally, if not LESS, than a mined diamond of the same size that has merely entry-level quality (e.g. J color, SI1 clarity). In particular, Diamond Foundry diamonds (used in our Classic Collection) states they will always cut for perfect proportions so that your diamond has maximum brilliance.  Only 1% of all diamonds in the world meet the quality standards achieved by their diamonds. We/they are committed to providing you the benefit of better quality without additional markups.

I see that your bridal collection offers customized engagement rings. What does that mean?

Currently, we offer each piece with customizable options within our current design silhouettes. However, we are open to collaborating with clients to create bespoke pieces tailored to their specific requests so please contact us directly if this is of interest. Once we receive your deposit we will begin creating your one of a kind piece.

What diamond sizes you can provide?

For our bridal collection, we offer diamonds starting at 0.5ct

What cuts of diamond can you do?

Whether cultivated or mined, we can offer any cut diamond you like! Please send us your preference so we can begin sourcing your ideal stone once your deposit is received.

What are the color/clarity choices for the diamonds?

We can source any range of color and quality diamond to meet your specific needs.

Which bands can your diamonds be placed on?

Our engagement rings are available on our high polished knife edge band, brushed knife edge band, diamond pave band or a classic, half round high polished band. We offer customization on all of our engagement bands and are open to collaborating on bespoke pieces.

Can I order a stone other than diamond for my bridal ring?

Yes, absolutely. We are happy to source any type of gemstone for your engagement ring! Once we receive an agreed upon deposit, we will begin sourcing your stone.

What is the turn around time for my custom ring?

The time it takes between order and delivery of your ring varies on your customization. We strive for a 2-4 week turn around from date of payment but will communicate with each customer individually.

Do these ship internationally?

We currently ship worldwide. There are no returns on our Bridal Collection. The Customer is responsible for duties and taxes.

Will there be men’s bands available?

Yes, we are currently working on our men’s bands which will be available shortly. Check back with us in a few weeks!


Do you offer payment plans for the purchase of the engagement rings?

We currently do not offer payment plans for our collections.

Other FAQ's




How are your jewelry and stones ethically sourced? What is the BaYou process?

BaYou jewelry is crafted by hand in our Downtown Los Angeles studio. Our team of artisans uses traditional metalsmithing techniques to reduce waste and avoid excess pollution usually associated with other forms of high volume and machine-made production.

Our commitment to ethical design shines through forming each piece by hand. The ethos and inspiration of BaYou is manifested in every design we offer and possesses an energy that cannot be replicated.

Recycled Precious Metals

BaYou jewelry is made with recycled gold sourced specifically from tech. All metals mixed with our gold are also recycled and sourced from a refinery with the highest environmental standards. BaYou is committed to offsetting our waste in all aspects of our business, reusing and recycling everything we possibly can.

Diamonds & Gemstones

BaYou strives to offer gemstones sourced in alignment with our ethos. All of our natural, high-quality gemstones and diamonds are mined only from verified sources in environmentally responsible conditions and are guaranteed conflict-free. BaYou is excited to launch our highly anticipated engagement line using exclusively cultivated diamonds and recycled gold from tech. BaYou manufactures all jewelry in alignment with the Signet Responsible Sourcing Protocol and the Responsible Jewellery Council.

Do you ship Internationally?

Yes! We ship to most countries. Please see our check out process to determine if we ship to your location. If we do not ship to your country according to our check out process, please email us at hello@bayouwtihlove.com to see if we can make accommodations.

Items that cannot be shipped internationally will say DOMESTIC ONLY in their description. This only applies to select Home and Beauty products.

The item/size I want is sold out. What can I do?

If the item or size you'd like is sold out, please easily sign up for in stock alert emails under the items description. Announcements will frequently be made on our Instagram and Facebook, as well. Please do not email us about items that are sold out.

My item has a problem, can I exchange it?

If you have an issue with your item (not a sizing issue), please email us. For sizing issues, please see our Return policy.

What are your dyeing techniques?

We have worked with our sustainable dye house to develop a custom wash using solar energy, fewer chemicals, less water and shorter drying times.

Are your products cruelty-free?

Yes! We strive to ensure our products and collaborating brands are cruelty-free to animals, humans and the planet.

Are your beauty products vegan?

Please review the descriptions & ingredients for each item to determine if it meets your personal standards. If an item is from one of our collaborating artists, you can also see their website to learn more about a specific product.

When will you release new items?

For the latest news and exciting announcements, please sign up for our newsletter on our website! You can also follow our Instagram and Facebook.

Does BaYou with Love pay for return shipping?

The customer is responsible for return shipping costs except in rare circumstances. Please see our Return Policy.

Do you offer custom jewelry or additional ring sizing?

We currently offer custom jewelry and sizes for our Bridal Collection only.

Do you take collaboration requests?

Yes! We consider requests from artists who have like-minded missions and products. Please email morgan@bayouwithlove.com

Do you have an Internship program?

Not at the moment.

Are you hiring?

Please send resumes to hello@bayouwithlove.com

Who do I contact about media and press inquiries?

Please email morgan@bayouwithlove.com