Jewelry Care & Policies


Jewelry Care

Our commitment to ethical design shines through forming each piece by hand. BaYou jewelry is fine, delicate and must be handled with care & love. Gemstones are fragile and gold is naturally a soft metal and can bend, deform or break without proper care. Some rings may be slightly flexible in their sizing but this MUST be done delicately and with extreme care. These pieces can still break or bend even though they are an open style ring. Please keep ALL jewelry pieces, especially pieces including opals or enamel, completely dry and take off prior to washing your hands, taking a shower, swimming or any other activities with liquids. Apply all hair & beauty products (including lotions and perfumes) prior to putting on your jewelry as chemicals can damage some jewelry.  As with any fine jewelry, remove prior to doing household cleaning or using cleaning products. Fine jewelry should be stored in its own box or bag, sealed and airtight, and never be exposed to extreme heat. Our jewelry can be cleaned with a soft cloth. Damaged jewelry is not refundable or replaceable after the standard 30 day return period. It may be possible to repair your item for a fee by emailing


We highly recommend getting sized by a local jeweler for your ring size prior to ordering. Since gold is naturally a soft metal, wearing a ring that is the improper size may cause damage to it.


Beaded Necklaces: Please keep in mind that these strings are made of natural fibers and are delicate and should be handled with care. These fibers can become fragile if wet. Please read our Jewelry Care & Policies page for more information. 


Engagement Rings and Custom Jewelry

All engagement rings, custom made/sized jewelry and deposits are final sale and not eligible for discounts.


Custom Jewelry Deposit

Custom jewelry options may be available to create on a case by case basis. At this time, the minimum budget we are able to review for a custom jewelry piece is $5,000 USD. Please email us here if interested in creating your special piece with BaYou!

Creating a custom piece with Bayou with Love requires a custom deposit fee. This fee is non-refundable but is applied toward your final order total. The deposit amount varies based upon each order's final total estimate range but will be a minimum of $1,500 or up to 50% of your order's final total estimate. This fee is due after we have a clear understanding of your customization requests but before stone sourcing and the production process begins. Please do not hesitate to email us at if you have any questions about customization and deposits. This includes all engagement rings, personalized jewelry and jewelry that requires moderate to extensive customization. 


The final cost estimate range is discussed with the client but may vary slightly based upon final production costs, labor needed and gold. 


All jewelry designs created with BaYou with Love belong to BaYou with Love, LLC. 


Made to Order Jewelry

Made to Order Jewelry is any current BaYou design that is requested and approved in a size, gold color or karat weight that we currently do not stock. Made to Order Custom Jewelry orders are final sale and non-refundable since we create it special just for you. The minimum product price for this request is $1,000.

If you see a BaYou with Love design that is sold out, not in your size or no longer available, please feel welcome to email us at to see if that design can be Made to Order just for you!  



An additional sizing/production fee starting at $100 is required for all resizes. This fee is also non-refundable. Please note that many bands can be resized by a maximum of 1-2 sizes up or down. Bands with extensive details such as beading, intricate designs stones or diamond pavé may not be able to be resized or may have a higher resizing fee due to stone resetting and/or extra labor needed.


BaYou with Love may not always be able to accommodate resize requests due to current production demands. Customers may choose to have their rings resized by a jeweler local to them. Please note that BaYou with Love is not responsible for any damage or issues due to the resize if you choose to have your ring resized elsewhere.



Customizations may be possible on a case by case basis. The minimum flat rate for moderate to extensive customizations is $1,500.


Production Timeline for All Custom Jewelry

The time it takes between order and delivery of your ring may vary depending upon your customizations and location. We strive for a 4-8 week production time from the date of payment but will communicate with each customer individually. Production delays may occur while you go through the stone choosing process with our Team.


Final Balance Payment

Your final balance invoice will be sent once production is complete and your jewelry is ready to ship to you. This invoice will have your previously paid deposit deducted from the total. You have sixty (60) days from email receipt to pay your final balance invoice. If you do not pay your balance within sixty (60) days, your custom piece will be the property of BaYou with Love to use at its discretion and may no longer be available for your purchase. Your deposit will still be nonrefundable per our custom jewelry order policy. 


Payment Options

Your deposit and final balance may be paid through our accepted payment methods including credit card, PayPal, PayPal Credit or Klarna. Please note that paying for your initial deposit using PayPal Credit or Klarna does not guarantee that you will be approved by them for payment for the final balance invoice. Please also prepare an alternative form of payment. 


Stone Certification

Our diamonds of .5ct or larger for our Engagement Rings Collection only come with a diamond certificate. Certificates for larger stones, such as slices or colored gemstones, in your custom or bespoke jewelry may be available upon request for an additional fee before your stone is set. Once your stone is set, it cannot be sent for certification. Certification is done by a third party gemologist. Please be aware that requesting stone certification may delay your piece's production time depending upon the third party’s certification timeline.


Warranties and Insurance

BaYou with Love jewelry and products do not come with a warranty of any kind. We highly recommend that you insure your jewelry privately once received, especially those of high value and bridal. BaYou with Love is not responsible for lost, damaged or stolen stones and jewelry pieces. If you require further documentation of value for your insurance policy, please feel welcome to email us at You may read our disclaimer here


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