Jewelry to Regenerate

At BaYou, every order makes a positive impact from design to your doorstep. We strive to create as little waste as possible by using materials that can be repurposed, recycled and are sustainably sourced with respect to our Earth. Every order gives back - from planting trees to cleaning our oceans to offsetting carbon emissions.

Regenerate with every order

Through our partnership with Greenspark, Bayou with Love will support our commitment to regeneration and sustainability by planting three trees per order received. In celebration of Earth Day 2024, these trees will be planted through EarthLung’s Mangrove Restoration Project in Kenya, which has an immense positive impact on local communities, biodiversity and the environment. Mangroves, which are coastal wetland habitats mainly found in tropical regions with unique trees and plants, are crucial ecosystems for a variety of wildlife. In the fight against climate change, these mangroves stabilize the coastline to prevent erosion of the land and also help to prevent the absorption of large quantities of carbon emissions. Additionally, coastal communities rely on these ecosystems for their livelihoods by contributing to the overall health of coastal environments, enhancing fisheries, promoting sustainable practices, and mitigating the impact of natural disasters, aiming to break the cycle of poverty in these coastal communities. A number of local animal species, who rely on the mangroves for food and shelter, are being supported as well. Two main methods of mangrove planting are currently being implemented: nurseries and direct planting. Both methods are challenging, time consuming and physically demanding, along with the rigorous process of monitoring, reporting, verification, and then publishing the data collected.

Additionally, 100 trees will be planted through this project for every engagement ring purchased. Through this important project, for every 10,000 trees planted, 20 work days are generated for local community members.The carbon reduction has proven to be significant, with an estimated 0.31 tonnes of CO2 sequestered per tree. Read about the project here and learn more by visiting our profile on Greenspark.

Jewelry Boxes

Our signature BaYou jewelry boxes were created using earth-conscious materials such as bamboo linen fabric, biomass foam padding and wrapped in sustainably sourced paper. Our sustainable manufacturer states these materials degrade naturally and are renewable. Our boxes and jewelry are designed with the intention to continue gifting them from generation to generation.

Shipping Materials

Our BaYou information and jewelry care cards are made with post-consumer recycled paper and uncoated to make them recyclable again. We have made a BaYou recycled tissue paper, designed by Nikki, to help keep your pieces safe in transit while also being beautiful to reuse for gifts you give in the future. The kraft cardboard shipping boxes are made in the USA and reusable/recylable.

Biodegradable Peanuts

Unlike traditional, toxic styrofoam peanuts, our packing peanuts are made from organic starch. They are planet-friendly and easily decompose in water leaving no toxic waste behind. We also suggest you save and reuse them.

Tree-Free prints by nikki

We have chosen to work with a print house that has shared they prioritize sustainability by using tree-free, cotton fiber papers that are both renewable and 100% recyclable from cotton linter. See our current collection of limited prints here.

Greenspark Public Impact Profile