Sustainable Production

Bayou with Love has chosen to work with manufacturing facilities that prioritize ethical and sustainable production within their facility.


According to our Los Angeles factory, all of the water they use for production is recycled and reused. The trace metals left in the water are also refined and recycled back and none of it is deposited back into the sewer system. The facility we work with promotes that they have developed a proprietary filtering and recycling method for all the wax used in casting and molding departments to further reduce what would typically be considered waste. They maintain a traceable chain of custody from the refining of recycled precious metals to their practices.

The Refining Process

The LA facility explains that Recycled Metals go through a refining process that separates them from their accompanying alloys, reducing them down to pure gold and platinum. They further explain that the processing is done in the United States, meeting and exceeding all Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), as well as state and local regulatory standards. The pure gold and platinum are then ready to turn into finished jewelry. They have reassured us that It has the same properties as newly mined gold but without the negative environmental consequences.

Minimizing Environmental Impact

The LA facility confirms that they are certified by and get independently audited by the SRSP and The RJC (Responsible Jewelry Council) for this recycled gold process. Our manufacturing facility is dedicated to minimizing its environmental impact and footprint.  We love all of this and that is why we selected them.

Greenspark Public Impact Profile