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Birthstone Water Ring

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The Birthstone Water Ring is a sweet, sentimental ring that makes a perfect gift as an everyday sparkling piece to wear with your birthstone, your loved one's birthstone, or to wear your favorite color gemstone. Made with love, designed with style.


Our water collection embodies all feelings of fluidity and adaptability. Women are resilient and we are intuitive. We carry with us the strength of the ocean and gentleness of a ripple.


14k yellow recycled gold | Approximate TCW .210ct | Designed by Nikki 


This inside diameter of this lovely ring in size 7 is 17.2mm, and 18mm in size 8.

Birthstone Symbolization 

Garnet | January - symbolizes passion, health, love, strong feelings and emotions.

Amethyst | February - symbolizes security, sincerity, spirituality and true happiness.

Aquamarine | March - symbolizes health, honesty, loyalty, hope and youth.

Diamond | April - symbolizes love, purity, openheartedness and unity.

Emerald | May - symbolizes youth, rebirth, wisdom, success in love and good fortune.

Pearl | June - symbolizes success, happiness and love.

Ruby | July - symbolizes wisdom, health and love.

Peridot | August - symbolizes strength, balance, health and rest.

Sapphire | September - symbolizes serenity, peace and calmness.

Opal | October - symbolizes good luck, purity, hope and fidelity.

Citrine | November - symbolizes abundance, optimism and happiness.

Blue Topaz | December - symbolizes wisdom, friendship and longevity. 


Our BaYou with Love jewelry is crafted using recycled gold, including recovered gold from repurposed technology, and produced in a facility that prioritizes sustainability.


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