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Bayou with Love

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A collection of 10 images by Nikki Reed. Each pack includes two postcards of each image. Frameable, giftable and treasurable, these miniature pieces of art make a perfect addition to your sustainable home. 4x6 inches with a white border. Open writing space on the back. 


Send someone love with a handwritten note on one of our beautiful postcards. Simply add a stamp and drop one in the mail. No envelope needed but an envelope may be used for extra protection in transit. We believe versatility is the key to sustainability, so we encourage you to be creative and repurpose your postcards. Our postcard sized prints can also be saved in a frame for your home décor or utilized in an art project. 



We have chosen to work with print houses that prioritize sustainability. 

Each postcard is made with vegetable based ink, 100% post consumer waste matte paper and are completely recyclable, continuing with Nikki’s mission to produce sustainably.


"Six years ago, I made a conscious decision to take a chance on myself. I felt called to express myself through a new medium, inspired to expand the experience of our culture in a different way; to embark on a journey filled with a level of depth that only art can evoke. As a first step of commitment, I turned to my camera.


Imagery makes us feel beyond what words can articulate, and I knew I was forever changed by a perspective seen through my lens. To me, the gift of holding a camera brings presence and stillness, the promise of creativity as we step into the unknown. It keeps us exactly where we are, in that very moment, bringing us closer to what truly matters through compassion and connection. It connects us to something outside of ourselves. My hope is that these images bring us back to nature. We protect that which we love, so we surely need to find a way to fall in love with nature.


The ultimate goal of any artist is to inspire people to see through a different lens. Here's a glimpse through mine. I hope these moments connect with you as deeply as they have with me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for choosing to support slow art, conscious art and art with a purpose. - With Gratitude, Nikki"


Featured Images:

Red Sunflower

Desert Rain

The Pigs

Picking Flowers




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