Story of a Stone

We strive to work with partners in our industry that share the same values as we do. We believe Transparency in a supply chain is the key to a sustainable future, a future where one day, we will be able to see the story of every stone.

Carbon Neutral

We source most of our diamonds from the World's First certified 100% Carbon-Neutral Diamond Producer, Diamond Foundry. Their diamonds are sustainably grown aboveground in America's beautiful Pacific West, 100% hydropowered by Washington State’s Columbia River.

Choosing Grown Means

No conflicts funded. No land displaced. No wildlife displaced. No animals harmed. No groundwater polluted. No local communities displaced.

Cultivated diamonds are grown from tiny carbon seeds of pre-existing diamonds and are molecularly identical to natural diamonds.

No Carbon Footprint

They are the world's only net zero-carbon-footprint producer of diamonds -- and certified so.

Each stone is unique based on the seed it was grown from and provides a beautiful diamond option without the human and environmental toll of mining.

Why we love them

Their advanced technology notably uses less energy than industrial mining requires to extract diamonds from underground. And the energy they use is good energy -- renewable energy.


We choose to source a lot of our sapphires from a family owned mine located in eastern Australia within the state of NSW. The process in which these sapphires are mined is not only guaranteed ethical, but also incredibly sustainable. Closely monitored, the enhancement processes used exclude all chemicals, beryllium, or radiation. The only enhancement is the widely accepted process of using natural heat, with no added tricks to enhance these gorgeous stones.

Conscious Mining

Its so important for us to understand the whole supply chain from mining to cutting when it comes to stones we use. For example stones can be ethically mined and then cut with unethical labor, so its crucial for us to ask questions about their entire history when sourcing stones. These sapphires are mined in Australia, and cut in Oregon.

Their Journey

We can follow their entire journey from the moment they are found in the earth to the moment they reach our hands, and watch as they make their way into a piece of gold melted down from the motherboards of recycled technology. From recycled water to restoring top soil, the process from start to finish is truly sustainable.

Dell Computers

Through our partnership with Dell, we use gold that has been found in the motherboards of recycled technology to create sustainable luxury in the form of fine jewelry. Once the gold is refined back to its original state, it is the same as newly mined gold, but without the environmental impact of traditional mining methods used for gold.

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