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Our luxury wool scarves are the perfect gift or addition to any outfit in cool weather. Loom woven from ethically harvested sheep's wool in Kashmir, India, where the traditional heritage of wool craft still continues.


Wool craft is a traditional artisanal process in the cold Himalayan regions of Asia, even mentioned in ancient text. Kashmir, where a lot of wool craft takes place, became the melting pot of different cultures, faiths and traditions. Learning a skill was passed on to the next generation and it took years of practice, while inculcating the values of patience, cooperation and discipline. Work was considered equal to worship.


These scarves are made from ethical wool in Kashmir. The Artisanal wool industry has been a large part of the economy for centuries. The sheep are raised free range and winter coats are only sheared when they get heavy or when the weather warms, so the animals are not deprived of necessary insulation in the winter. Our sources do not allow mulesing and they use proper hand shearing practices.



80x40 inches

Origin: Srinagar, Kashmir

Crafted in small batches

Dry Clean only

Consciously made

Available in 5 colors seen here.


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